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Network Graphics began doing business in 1980 and is located about fifty miles east of New York City. In the years B.C. (before computer) the studio created art for the publishing industry making use of traditional inkers, airbrush artists, layout and paste-up people, typesetters on Linotype machines, and all the conventional drafting tools of the trade.

The studio was an early adopter of computer aided electronic art, using Adobe Illustrator 1.1 on the then cutting edge 1987 Macintosh II computers. In many cases Network was the very first to offer electronic illustration to large textbook publishers. Since then Network has maintained its dedication to offering the latest and best in electronic illustration.


Today multiple professional software packages are used to develop art content. Network artists are creative but it is the valuable experience with academic subject areas, along with the technical facility to guarantee the electronic production process, that sets the studio apart. Calling on the knowledge and experience to get the content correct the first time is a hugely valuable asset for the editors and authors, eliminating anxiety, saving schedule time, and resulting in the very best end product.

Ease of communication and ability to follow instructions and specifications precisely, the technical background to get the electronic file integration and production issues correct, the knowledge, commitment and respect for the subject matter, facility with high end academic software packages, along with the artistry necessary to make the information graphic aesthetically pleasing is what makes Network Graphics the company to contact to have work done well, whether it is a single illustration or a book series project with illustrations in the thousands.